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Our factory has the capacity of producing more than 30,000 speaker parts per month. We use cold, warm and hot forging processes, depending upon the size and weight of the component being manufactured. We currently produce parts that range from less than one pound to nearly 30 pounds each!

We diat-cast aluminum ally frames ranging from 5" to 18" in diameter and can also make the tools to meet your custom basket requirements. We supply cast magnet covers and heat sinks. Metal coating processes that we employ include clear zinc with or without blue chromate, chrome plating, black E-coating, and powder coating of almost any color imaginable.

Here are some of the auto speaker and auto speaker parts we manufactured for our customers.

All parts are custom made to your specifications. Please contact us for your needs.

auto speaker parts

auto speaker magnet
Auto Speaker Parts Magnet  

auto speaker top plate

auto speaker basket
Top Plate Basket  

auto speaker

auto speaker tyoke
Auto Speaker T-Yoke  

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